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Christian AF was born after a few long conversations over good beers, where we realized that life, and faith, aren't as simple as we grew up believing. We started wondering why asking questions was frowned upon, or why we had to accept what we've always been told as the truth. Maybe some things aren't as black and white as we'd like to think.


So, we set out to create a space to have an HONEST dialogue that welcomes questions, doubts, and fears about faith, church culture, and everything in between. The three of us behind the mics are no experts, but our goal is to help listeners start asking questions or maybe even find some answers. 

Christian AF is a podcast for people that are over church, have been burned by church, don’t get church, or have been told not to question their faith. 


So as we like to say, kick back, grab a drink, and start questioning!


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I am Evan. I am a husband, a dad, and a pastor. I used to play the trumpet for I am I professional Christian.


I am originally from Pittsburgh, lived in the deep south for a decade, and now help lead a church in Rockford, IL with Jesse and Jen (amongst others).


I love beer, movies, and ridiculing Christians for not being Christian. I won't pass up a good theology discussion, and strive to avoid politics like the plague. I don't like the beach but can tolerate it as long as I have a beer. Long walks annoy me. And don't get me started about Hamilton. I went to Seminary...I enjoyed it.


And as always...Go Steelers. 




Hey friends. I’m Jen. I grew up in Rockford, IL. and was raised in a Catholic house by fairly liberal folks. I spent my Sunday mornings going to Sunday School followed by Mass and was an altar server for years (there’s good money to be made if you work the wedding/funeral circuit). I started going to a non-denominational church around the age of seventeen and quickly got involved in all things leadership. I was often told not to ask questions when I was younger so finding the freedom to question my faith and the things I was taught in the church has been a game-changer for me over the last few years.


I love true crime (probably more than I should) and can usually be found listening to true crime podcasts or reading a book about serial killers. I also like things like traveling, cooking, music, and crossword puzzles. My favorite cocktail is a Manhattan…or maybe an Old Fashioned. And I really can’t stand when people bite down on their silverware. I’m a Type A, ENFJ, Enneagram 7 kind of person - which probably says way more about me than anything I could type up. 


I’m a photographer (Jesse and I own a business together), and I have a list of other business ideas I’d like to get to someday. 


And…I question why I agreed to this podcast every time we record because these boys are absurd and exhaust me almost immediately but someone has to do it.


Host/Producer/Audio Engineer


Hey, all. I'm Jesse. I grew up in one of the most true-to-form "Christian" ways... homeschooled and in the Church. My parents were major volunteers within the church, which meant that I was a major volunteer within the church.


I was in church bands, attended youth groups, led youth groups, went on mission trips and camps, have helped lead and run two churches, and just about everything else you would expect from a good church kid.

Professionally I have been leading worship for 20+ years. My music partner, Heather, and I have a secular (GASP!) Folk/Americana band called The Lone Canary, while Jen (my fellow cohost) and I own a professional photography company called Catalyst Design & Photography.

Beyond that, my wife, myself, and our three incredible daughters have been born and raised in Rockford, IL. I love nearly all assortments of alcohol, am a perfectionist, was once ask to be the host of a cooking show, have opened for the band Three Dog Night, and have very conflicting views on the church culture that I grew up learning to be true.





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